Jesus Christ, Zombie King: The Resurrection and Raising of the Dead

Ripples of dirt spilled down the sides of a growing mound of dirt pushed to the surface. Cracked and clawed at, clods of soil were forced aside as one grotesque and decayed arm thrust itself out of the earth. A reanimated corpse climbed out of the ground. And on this foggy, most sacred night hundreds of other graves were opened and tombs exhumed by their once still, silent, and dead occupants. But these zombies were far from lifeless corpses. They... Read More

A Jesus Like No Other: Restoring a Vandalized Portrait of Christ

Standing still with my head cranked backwards staring upward into the vast, seemingly endless pillars which meet the ceiling of the Notre Dame Cathedral, I stood in awe. Not just at the unbelievable architecture but at the massive paintings of Christ and other apostles and martyrs hanging on every wall, low and high. So many portraits cover the walls that one is bound to miss some. I was standing in this cathedral because of my professor. Myself and... Read More

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