The Hunted Sex: Why Men Are The Prey In An Eroticized Culture

Image by Dan Rybicky A deep panting was breathed in the dank darkness, matched with the heavy breathing of a dozen more shadowy figures. A low snarl echoed off the cave walls as the bared teeth and mane of a fierce lion emerged into the light. While believing that he was safe in the center of the room where the only light penetrated from some unseen source in the ceiling, the danger became palpable. The teeth of this beast glistened from the coating... Read More

Are Women Really Supposed to be Silent? Musings on the Paradox of Women’s Spiritual Authority

To neither be seen nor heard, this is the prescription and role of women in the Church—at least, according to some interpretations of the scripture. The role of women within the body of Christ is a difficult one, a topic which I have tried to avoid for some time because I am caught between two extremes that make me rather uncomfortable. Along with homosexuality, the role of women within the church is an issue over which the body is splitting apart.... Read More

Are There Boundaries Between Men and Women? Rethinking the Social Division Between the Sexes

After reflecting on the years that I spent growing up in a conservative church, I can recall experiencing very little interaction with the opposite sex. Although boys and girls were permitted to sit together during the youth group worship services, it was a rare occasion when an individual from either sex took advantage of this opportunity. For the most part, boys would sit on one side of the sanctuary and girls on the other. The few times that I... Read More

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