Why You Naturally Think About Sex and Food (and How It Can Be Changed): The Ritual and Habit of Your Mind and Thoughts

Image by Eric Macdonald Synapses and neurons fire constantly in our brains, carving out pathways in which electrical impulses surge through out minds to access stored information and gather thoughts and images for our ritualized behavior. The science of the brain and the way we think is foreign to most (including me). And while much of this incredible data is mysterious, one things seems clear: Our habitual rituals are made more easily accessible... Read More

What If All Your Thoughts Became Real? The Depths of Depravity and Human Evil

Image by Chris Dessaigne The gap between God and man is infinite. It is infinite upon infinite. But this division is not just in power but in morality. God is good. Perfectly good in every thought and notion. But what about our thoughts? We are good at measuring morality and goodness by our actions. We see the drunkard and say that he is completely corrupt. We see the rapist or murder and call him abhorrently evil.  We may even see the everyday... Read More

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