What is Worship and How Does it Shape Us ?: An Interview With Scott Johnson

Worship is central to the Christian life and communion with our Creator. Scott Johnson, a new face to the relevant worship scene, has just released an album with some insightful and moving songs to move worshipers to that effect. I caught up with Scott to discuss some of his views on worship. When did you feel called to lead people into worship and become a song writer? It all began when I decided to lead worship in High School. When I was about 21,... Read More

Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up? Distinguishing Christ from the Plethora of Putative Jesi

Gathering on a vast and open plain, thousands had left their crops and flocks. For many, the journey took days just to arrive and see this man whom they had heard so many rumors. It was said that he was some sort of wild prophet with authority over nature itself. Others said this man was actually some sort of zombie—an ancient prophet returned from the grave to seek vengeance on Israel’s oppressors. Though his identity was not certain, even to... Read More

God According to Gungor: The Character, Race, and Gender of the Divine

It was early Monday morning when I checked my email to find a message from my friend and developer of Theology21.com, Jonathan Keck. It read something along the lines of this: Had a great time at Catalyst Conference.  Have you heard of Gungor? I saw their video, “God Is Not a Man” there and I was wondering if you’d like to write an article on it? I faceplanted into my keyboard. I had been introduced to the song months ago by a friend of mine,... Read More

Universalism: The Dangers of Postmodern Theology in the Church

“The notion that a creature born imperfect, nay, born with impulses to evil not of his own generating, and which he could not help having, a creature to whom the true face of God was never presented, and by whom it never could have been seen, should thus be condemned to everlasting torment is as loathsome a lie against God as could find place in a heart too undeveloped to understand what justice is, and too low to look up into the face of Jesus.... Read More

Why Theology Matters: Action Born from Right Understanding

Clearly theology can become a stumbling block if we let it become a purely cerebral thing. If we fall into the trap of pouring all our energy into the intellectual understanding of God’s nature without stepping back to see how that understanding affects the overall picture, then we have completely missed the point. This would be like spending your entire life studying the mathematical relationships and symmetries of your wife’s facial features... Read More

That kid in the feeding trough is not just some baby: Rethinking the divinity of Infant Jesus and our approach to Him on Christmas

To us a child is born. But no ordinary child. God, the eternal being from beyond time and space, the infinite beyond infinity, chose to take flesh and become one of us. This is the Christmas story. This is the cute, bundled baby laying in the feeding trough of some dank dark cave surrounded by animals and their foul smells. The glory of the Christmas story is easy to overlook. Having grown-up in the church and having heard the story a million times,... Read More

The Danger and Destruction of Denominationalism: The Much Needed Unity In and Intimacy with Christ

Image by Bartondamer Guest post by Ben Holden Roman Catholic · Anglican · Independent Catholic · Old Catholic, Lutheran · Calvinist · Anabaptist · Arminian · Baptist · Methodist · Adventist · Evangelical · Holiness · Pentecostal · Eastern Orthodox · Oriental Orthodox · Assyrian In any given town in America, the churches listed above often sit across the street from one another—humorously in some cases one on each corner of a busy... Read More

Don’t Let the Witnesses Fool Ya, His Name’s Not Jehovah: How We Can Know The Name of God

Image by James Ball Wandering the streets and waiting ominously in public places, watching people climb out of their cars, these religious thugs are not that dissimilar to a gang or some kind of army of foot-soldiers. And as I sat in my car scoping out these two older hispanic ladies dressed in their Sunday’s best, paper pushing their leaflets and pamphlets at the doorway of my local coffee shop, I had to make a decision. Do I brave their barrage... Read More

Holy Healing Handkerchiefs: The Miraculous and the Potency of the Holy Spirit

When God showed up in people’s lives and made a display of himself on earth, it was done in mighty and breathtaking ways. How could the people of Israel not fall on their knees in awe and fear when He appeared as a great pillar of flames consuming their enemies and guiding them through the desert. What if this same God showed up in our presence? Would you or I live any differently if this great pillar of fire fell from heaven in our local... Read More

What If All Your Thoughts Became Real? The Depths of Depravity and Human Evil

Image by Chris Dessaigne The gap between God and man is infinite. It is infinite upon infinite. But this division is not just in power but in morality. God is good. Perfectly good in every thought and notion. But what about our thoughts? We are good at measuring morality and goodness by our actions. We see the drunkard and say that he is completely corrupt. We see the rapist or murder and call him abhorrently evil.  We may even see the everyday... Read More

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