“If you believe in God, what sort of evidence would it take to convince you that God did not exist?”

Creation of Adam by Michelangelo While talking Theology with my brother Nathan, he asked he this loaded question that a professor of his asked his class: “If you believe in God, what sort of evidence would it take to convince you that God did not exist?” Here was my response: “That blue is not blue, heat is not warm, light does not illuminate, and that no one is writing this response—aka, truth ceases to exist, as observed in reality.... Read More


Image by Esmé Fransen My own theology, and the theology presented here at THEOLOGY21, has had—since its’ inception—a kernel of uncertainty and doubt. While recently cataloging all the pervious articles I have written in the last few years, one resounding theme emerged from my thinking in those formative years: I was uncertain what “the truth” was in a literal sense. Yes, Jesus Christ is Lord—but what that actually meant, how one should... Read More

Is Seminary Really a Cemetery? Theology as “Jezebelic” Religious Witchcraft

Image by Gail Dowle Billows of flame and fury pour forth from the bowels of the Abyss where the anti-Christ resides. His hellish imps encircle him, swarming like bats disturbed from their dark cave. To each demonic messenger, the devil whispers errors and aberrant theologies. But the most deadly of these messages is reserved for the Christian. Demonic witchcraft fills Christian libraries, seminaries, and Berean bookstores the world over. Books entitled... Read More

The Spiritual and Musical Art of Thrice: A Review of the New Album Major/Minor

Since the formation of the band in 1998, Thrice has consistently succeeded in reinventing themselves as musicians, writers, and artists with each album that they produce. The new album Major/Minor, which was released last Tuesday, is a very guitar driven record with dirty riffs, quirky upbeat riffs, and grooving bass lines throughout. The energy of the album is captivating and very refreshing. Musically, the album marks another great milestone in... Read More

Why You Might Be A Bible Shredding, Gospel Contorting Christian: A Few Key Ideas on Reading the Scripture Well

With fine precision and delicate care, the paper of this ancient tome gently separates. Slivers of verses are stripped from those which it is surrounded by, robing them from the context in which they were written. And while few would intentionally dissect the scripture, putting scissor to paper and creating a confetti of spiritual insights, we do just that. What young Christian hasn’t played popcorn Bible reading. Someone calls out a page and... Read More

Are You Destined For A Specific Career?: Making the Gamble of Choosing A Passion

Image by Royalty-Free With the millions of choices placed in front of us through this life and the dozens of passions which develop, choosing what we ought to dedicate our lives to is no simple matter. In fact, it can be rather schizophrenic. It is as if we reach into the well that is our heart and only pluck out a few select things, laying the rest aside to languish. Having to randomly select which part of your soul you will not pursue for the sake... Read More

Setting the Ground Rules: Thoughts on Free Will, Determinism, and Compatibilism

Image by Hansworld Whenever the concept of free will is brought up, there is bound to be disagreement. There are many people who have solidified themselves into a very rigid stance regarding free will and even some who would literally fight tooth and nail in order to prove themselves correct. There are countless arguments over predestination, determinism and free will around the internet and even a handful on this site alone. That being said, there... Read More

Why Agreement is So Important! Thoughts on Unity and Function of the Church

The other day I was reflecting on some of the posts that I have written, and the heart behind it all. I began to realize that to an outsider looking in, who does not know my heart, it may appear that I am a Church basher. As I re-read, I found myself saying that, “we do this wrong…” quite often. I’m not going to “take it back” because I am writing what I believe God is putting on my heart. However, I understand it can be depressing.... Read More

When Scientists Play God: How Far is Too Far?

The advancement of science in the last century is staggering. Its amazing to think of the progress that we have made and how modern science plays a role in just about every aspect of our lives. Undoubtedly, this progress will continue in the years to come. Much of what we now consider to be impossible will be well within our reach. But, somewhere along the line we should probably stop and ask ourselves where the line of ethics is. Just because we... Read More

On Worship: An Insightful Glimpse into the Mind of Dustin Lau

If you haven’t heard of Dustin Lau, you will. His new album has not left the confines of my car speakers since his new solo album released. Clashing Indie sounds with sweeping worshipful lyrics, his songs and their lyrics stick with you. One can’t help but fall into worship while listening. Many know Dustin as one of the guitar players for Jack Hamilton whose new album topped the Itunes charts in both worship and in general only weeks ago. As... Read More

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