Confessions of an Over-Consuming, Gluttonous, Squanderer of God’s Wealth: Rethinking How the Church Handles Food and Finances

Image by Taylor Summach When one thinks of gluttony, images of some morbidly obese person stuffing himself with five cheeseburgers while sitting in a car is the sort of image one gets. Because very few people see this sin in themselves. Most look past the sin of gluttony in the various lists of damnable sins which if practiced cut one off from the kingdom of God. But the reality is, gluttony is a very major problem for most if not all people in America.... Read More

Gratefulness is a Choice: Rethinking Groceries, Motor-Vehicles, and the Shed Blood of Christ

Image by SnoShuu With incredible ease and comfort, I grab a grocery cart from the row so conveniently placed next to the front double glass doors. Like some invisible butler, they open for me as if I were a king of old. And through this doorway lies a vast and magical collection of all the delicacies and pleasures from around the world. The days are over in which people work for food. Why kill that calf and spend those hours prepping the meat when... Read More

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