Rejecting Counterfeit Love: Why That Social Justice Cause May Not Be Good Enough

  Image by Jason Watson “How can you bear it?” Douglas asked as we hunched over our coffee and tea in deep conversation.  Douglas just learned that I work for World Vision (a Christian humanitarian organization), and then he leaned back with wide eyes.  After a moment he leaned inward as if to scrutinize a newfound discovery.  With carefully weighed words he asked, “How can you bear it?  Day after day helping the poor and... Read More

Why Lent is Important and Why Working for Christ is not the Same as Being with Christ

I need to observe Lent. I am distracted. I am so consumed with doing things for Christ that I miss out on being with Christ. This is not a new problem. Even in the early Church, Christians struggled with this distraction. There is so much to do. So many people who need to be served. The Gospel message needs to be preached. So much Orthodoxy needs to be defended and explained. The early church in Ephesus had these same problems. They were radical workers... Read More

Are We Living for Christ or Cash? Musings Over Possession, Power, and Popularity in the Church

We are so steeped in this life. It is what we invest in. It is what consumes our thoughts. And though I would love to say that Christ and the movement of the Holy Spirit is actually what I am most concerned about, it is not. And I am not alone. The race to accumulate and to be comfortable, to enjoy the flesh, is our number one concern. A terrible thought seized me yesterday as I drove to class. What if Christ is weeping as he looks down at his church,... Read More

Be His Body: Becoming the Callused, Bloody Hands of Christ

Image by Daniel Horacio Agostin All around us, the world is filled with pain and suffering the likes of which no one can truly grasp. There are millions in the world that are starving and cold. Even now a young girl is curled on the floor, cold and desperate with nothing to live for. No food in her stomach and no clean water to speak of. She has no money and no one to take care of her. Two choices lay before her: She can continue to scratch out a... Read More

Bread and Fish: Providing for the Needs in our Communities

There is an overwhelming amount of physical needs in our cities. There are thousands of hungry, homeless, and cold people. One can’t drive down the street without seeing some sign of suffering. A foreclosed sign on a house. A hunched over old man attempting to sell Sunday’s paper for a few much-needed bucks. Or the lady that hugs herself tightly in attempt to keep herself warm, huddled in a corner of some building on a rainy day. The needs outweigh... Read More

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