Why You May Be Just As Ghetto As The Next: Reflections On Self-Centeredness

One foot slowly and stylishly stepped in front of the other with a swag and swanker that rivaled that of Kanye West. The twenty-something African American youth, with over-sized pants, shirt, and ball-cap tilted ever so slightly to the right slowly walked (or swaggered in a way that might only be caused by a leg injury or from a hip replacement) despite the red hand ominously flashing its’ warning to stop. And though several cars were racing down... Read More

Choosing God or Ourselves: A Short Challenging Thought

Image by Naoki Tai One thought resounded in my mind this morning. From where the words came, I do not know. But they repeated over and over in my mind. “I would rather die a pauper in the service of Christ, than as a rich man in service of myself.” As these words flowed through my mind and heart, almost subconsciously saying these words like a mantra—I stopped. Do I really believe this? Is it about me or about Christ? Is it about my comfort,... Read More

The Cost of Love: Exploring the Role of Money in Relationships

There is a reason why Jesus spoke about money so often. Money is the one god that has led nearly every person to turn their back on the Creator in pursuit of selfish desires. It is the golden calf (Exodus 31) of both ancient and modern times and even more so of our country. So what role can money play in relationships? In marriages? Simple research reveals that a certain group of women who discover that their husbands cheat on them are more likely... Read More

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