Jesus Christ has Returned And There are Three of Them: You Get to Pick

Jesus Christ has returned. Or at least that what some are saying. For thousands of years, Christians have been watching the skies and searching the streets for the returned resurrected Messiah who has promised to return. Many of the early Christians, including Paul and Peter, firmly believed that Jesus was going to return for the final judgement within their lifetime. Christ disappeared into heaven and the angels told his disciples that he would return... Read More

Why Predicting Christ’s Return Makes a Mockery of Christianity

Thousands participated in the mockery of Christianity Saturday, May 21st 2011. Harold Camping, President of Family Radio, predicted that Christ would return this last Saturday— “We know without any shadow of a doubt it is going to happen.” While thousands were selling all they owned, giving their savings, retirements, and possessions to spread Camping’s message, millions of others, at the same time, plotted some well-mannered frivolity... Read More

Not the Christ We Expected: What if Christ Came as Meek and Mild As He Did the First Time?

With flame and sword, Christ is coming to abolish the strongholds of the enemy, to bring justice to his children, and establish his kingdom on earth. It is a time which has long been expected. Countless books have been written and countless people have looked to this awaited moment. This moment in history is not that dissimilar to the what existed 2000 years ago. All expected Christ’s coming. Piles of books were written on the topic. Many various... Read More

If the Rocks Will Worship, So Shall We: The Triumphal Entry, Palm Sunday, and Worship

The long appointed time has come. The moment that was foretold thousands of years ago dawned on that day. As Jesus triumphantly entered into Jerusalem on what is now remembered and celebrated as Palm Sunday, great praise burst from the people of the city. At no time was Christ ever worshiped, praised, or exalted like this during his ministry. Despite his meek and humble entrance on a donkey covered with the cloaks of shepherds and vagabonds, such... Read More

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