What Does Science Tell Us About Our Soul?

Image by Lola Scott A NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Science has the incredible ability to open up new sections of dialogue with the scripture and theology. Eric McClellan has done just that in many articles, including his most recent guest post at Pangea Blog—a site dedicated to bringing the king together in unity much as the continents once were united as one until split apart. In his article, Eric posses several questions about the soul, physics, and... Read More

When Scientists Play God: How Far is Too Far?

The advancement of science in the last century is staggering. Its amazing to think of the progress that we have made and how modern science plays a role in just about every aspect of our lives. Undoubtedly, this progress will continue in the years to come. Much of what we now consider to be impossible will be well within our reach. But, somewhere along the line we should probably stop and ask ourselves where the line of ethics is. Just because we... Read More

Complexity and the Cosmic Symphony

Image by Forest Wander I’ve never understood the war between science and religion. Two of the things that I am most passionate about in this life is science and my faith. Not only do I see no dissonance between the two, I see perfect synergy. Science has helped shape the way that I view God and my faith has helped shape the way that I view the universe. We have an amazing opportunity to understand more about God by understanding more about... Read More

The Science of Miracles: Theological Lessons from Middle-Schoolers

I work at a middle school. It’s not a luxurious job, but sometimes it proves valuable. Recently while teaching a science class about water and the positive and negative charges that these molecules carry, deep spiritual understanding rushed upon me. It was an epiphany. I explained that these charges attract each other much like magnets, linking together to form water as we know it. I could see the widening of their eyes. They were blown away by... Read More

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