Are We Really Evangelical? Thoughts on Hell, Action, and Missional Living

“If we only believed what comes out of our mouths, our actions would be very different.” These were the words which poured over me as I stood in the shower this morning. If I truly believed, if I really caught a glimpse of the urgency of the gospel, I would be doing things so much more differently. All the things which seem so incredibly important, would suddenly seem foolish. If the reality of Hell (on earth and eternal) was tangible, real, and... Read More

Losing Jesus: Can We Get Him back?

One of the many hats that I wear as a missionary is “resource writer.”  I have found that in Peru there are some good discipleship resources and there are some extremely poor resources.  So, from the beginning, God has burdened my heart to write discipleship materials.  This material tackles a wide variety of topics, written in a context that is culturally understandable to the Peruvians around me.  Recently, one of the things that I tackled... Read More

God’s Eye View: Trust and Hope in the Bleak and Grim

“We are doomed. Death is guaranteed. There is no question.” These were the thoughts of a panic-stricken young man as he strained his eyes, looking into the distance. A great dust storm the likes of which he had never seen headed toward him and his family. This ominous cloud hung in the air like some sudden and evil storm. But this was no tempest. No meteorological event. The great cloud was the dust kicked up by thousands of horses and the hordes... Read More

Burning Bushes and Blinding Men: Humanity’s Encounter with an Inexplicable God

When humans encounter God, it is often something inexplicable. Does man meet God through matters of logic, reason, and systematic, apologetic ready Theology? Can one, through the heights of study and discourse discover and know God? The image painted by the scriptures seems to say no. His appearance among men is dramatic and experiential. And when God does show himself, he does not reason with us about his existence or his law—nor has he done so... Read More

Are You Talking to Me?! The Art of Misunderstanding and Theological Double-Talk

Talking is a dangerous business. For those who have ever been in an argument, misunderstanding is usually the wellspring of conflict. Whether in body language or verbal communication, disagreements lead to friendships being split apart, marriages collapsing, and the church fracturing. Conflict as it arrises from communication is the result of the inability, and dare I say unwillingness, of people listening to one another. Not a courteous, hearing-what-one-is-saying—but... Read More

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