The Cost of Following Christ: Why You May Not Be Living Up to Your Calling

Image by Emily Brigid Standing upon the shore line, the tide washing away the sand about Jesus’ feet, He squinted in the mid-day sun. One could see dozens of fishing boats casting their nets into the water and pulling in a harvest of watery plenty. The men fishing these waters had done so for generations. Fathers taught the trade to their sons and they to their sons, so on and so forth for generations. Fishing was a good trade, and profitable if... Read More

What Are You Remembering On This Memorial Day? Military, Martyrs, and Missionaries

Image by Heritage History of Christian Martyrs in Roman Empire Guns blazing in a horrendous firefight, the pinned down soldiers thought nothing could save them. They fought forces which oppressed their freedom. The British had long abused the rights and freedoms of the American colonies and now they fought back. And these long abusive fights and the endless loss of life was but for one cause—a free nation of their own. The right to pray the way... Read More

Why Lent is Important and Why Working for Christ is not the Same as Being with Christ

I need to observe Lent. I am distracted. I am so consumed with doing things for Christ that I miss out on being with Christ. This is not a new problem. Even in the early Church, Christians struggled with this distraction. There is so much to do. So many people who need to be served. The Gospel message needs to be preached. So much Orthodoxy needs to be defended and explained. The early church in Ephesus had these same problems. They were radical workers... Read More

The Christian is Not Just a Servant, But a Slave: The Tricky Business of Living Out Our True Identity

We are all slaves. Such is what Paul calls us. No other identity suits as well. Constantly he calls himself the doulos of Christ. Too often this term has been translated as servant. But we are not servants; we are slaves—those obligated, owned, and bent toward their master’s will. Calling the Christian a slave is certainly offensive to many but is in reality the most beautiful description. For generations, the term “doulos” (δοῦλος)... Read More

What Separated us has been Removed: Thoughts on Atonement and Relationship with Hashem

Since that fateful moment when Eve and Adam took that forbidden bite, humanity has been cut off from their creator. Walking with and enjoying the company of our creator was an everyday affair—a relationship for which countless Christians and people the world over have longed. And as the consequences of their crimes became apparent, Adam and Eve were driven from the presence of God and the perfect state of being in the garden. Though no doubt they... Read More

Are We Living for Christ or Cash? Musings Over Possession, Power, and Popularity in the Church

We are so steeped in this life. It is what we invest in. It is what consumes our thoughts. And though I would love to say that Christ and the movement of the Holy Spirit is actually what I am most concerned about, it is not. And I am not alone. The race to accumulate and to be comfortable, to enjoy the flesh, is our number one concern. A terrible thought seized me yesterday as I drove to class. What if Christ is weeping as he looks down at his church,... Read More

The Offering of Every Kind: The Uncomfortable Nature of Giving

Giving to God is something radical. At times uncomfortable. Even irrational. Today in the church, little to no one gives. The majority that do give, either financially or of their time, do so sparingly. They are consumers. They just take. And this is understandable. Reasonable in fact. They see their bank account or their family and job and say, “From where am I suppose to give. From where?” They see the little that they have and conclude that... Read More

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