Why You Naturally Think About Sex and Food (and How It Can Be Changed): The Ritual and Habit of Your Mind and Thoughts

Image by Eric Macdonald Synapses and neurons fire constantly in our brains, carving out pathways in which electrical impulses surge through out minds to access stored information and gather thoughts and images for our ritualized behavior. The science of the brain and the way we think is foreign to most (including me). And while much of this incredible data is mysterious, one things seems clear: Our habitual rituals are made more easily accessible... Read More

Are We Really Evangelical? Thoughts on Hell, Action, and Missional Living

“If we only believed what comes out of our mouths, our actions would be very different.” These were the words which poured over me as I stood in the shower this morning. If I truly believed, if I really caught a glimpse of the urgency of the gospel, I would be doing things so much more differently. All the things which seem so incredibly important, would suddenly seem foolish. If the reality of Hell (on earth and eternal) was tangible, real, and... Read More

God’s Provision in Doubt and Indecision: Why Trusting In Him is Nothing Unique or New—Even For Those Called to Peru

Image by Frank Tiemann For months we had been preparing, praying, talking, getting rid of everything, finding homes for our puppies, and making decisions that would affect the next year of our lives. My wife and I were fully convinced that God was calling us to Peru. Random people were telling us that God wanted to use us to do things in this country. We were excited, nervous, and “ready.” Yet, just as we were about to purchase our tickets,... Read More

What If Jesus Walked Our Modern Streets, Rather Than in Antiquity?

Image by Taniwha The streets were flooded with countless faces, all contorted in pain and agony as they desperately pressed upon one another to just catch a glimpse of this prophet whom they had heard so much about. They had heard that the dead were raised, the sick were healed, the hungry were fed, and those possessed with evil spirits were set free. In desperation, they reached out clinging to his garments hoping that they might get just enough... Read More

Universalism: The Dangers of Postmodern Theology in the Church

“The notion that a creature born imperfect, nay, born with impulses to evil not of his own generating, and which he could not help having, a creature to whom the true face of God was never presented, and by whom it never could have been seen, should thus be condemned to everlasting torment is as loathsome a lie against God as could find place in a heart too undeveloped to understand what justice is, and too low to look up into the face of Jesus.... Read More

Feeling the Monastic Call: Deploying Ancient Practices of Christ-Following

Image by Chris Dessaigne Sometimes the right thing to do is retreat. Battle torn, bloody, and beaten, those defending a city surrounded by her enemies and suffering defeat and defeat are demoralized and ill. And with a great blast of a horn from one of the battlements behind, the retreat is sounded. This is no permanent defeat but a temporary stay of fighting for the health and benefit of those feeling the constant barrage of the enemy. As this is... Read More

The Forgotten Calling: Are there Apostles in the Modern Church?

Image by Mathieu Sent out in force and in great power, the disciples of Christ were given some radical instructions. And along with those instructions, remarkable authority was given to them. All the authority and power of Christ was poured out on them. Indeed, Christ even made the outlandish claim that we would do even greater things than He. Christ boldly sent them out to preach the gospel throughout the region. Among the commands, he instructed... Read More

The Danger and Destruction of Denominationalism: The Much Needed Unity In and Intimacy with Christ

Image by Bartondamer Guest post by Ben Holden Roman Catholic · Anglican · Independent Catholic · Old Catholic, Lutheran · Calvinist · Anabaptist · Arminian · Baptist · Methodist · Adventist · Evangelical · Holiness · Pentecostal · Eastern Orthodox · Oriental Orthodox · Assyrian In any given town in America, the churches listed above often sit across the street from one another—humorously in some cases one on each corner of a busy... Read More

Righteous Anger or Sinful Rage: How Should Christians React to a World that Hates Christ?

Crowbar in hand, this gross misrepresentation would be set straight. Wearing a T-shirt which stated, “Jesus is tougher than nails,” Kathleen Folden set out to end this blasphemy. Bashing in the glass case which held this demonically inspired “art,” she freed the world from another gross and distorted image of Christ. She shred and ripped apart the parchment so defiled with the portrayal of a cross-dressing Christ in the midst of a homosexual... Read More

A Brief Encounter with Greed: The Precarious Nature of Flesh and Our Desire for It

Slamming the trunk of my wife’s car and examining the dents and damage of the bumper long fixed into the car’s body from years of use, my mind turned to my own car. This morning my wife generously volunteered to take my car to the shop for a much-needed door repair. I was already tired of the two days of trying to shimmy my large body through the passenger side, over the stick, and into the driver’s seat. My door is broken. But as I gathered... Read More

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