The Old Spice Man and Women’s Porn: Are You Addicted?

Hello Ladies. How are you? Fantastic. Look down. Back-up. Where are you? You’re at THEOLOGY21 and we have a special treat for you! Jonathan Keck, the founder and senior editor of THEOLOGY21, has posted a funny but thought provoking guest post at Pop Parables on the Old Spice Man and “women’s pornography.” But before you head on over to Pop Parables, check out the Old Spice Man, Isaiah Mustafa, at his best! Does your man smell like the Old... Read More

The Cost of Love: Exploring the Role of Money in Relationships

There is a reason why Jesus spoke about money so often. Money is the one god that has led nearly every person to turn their back on the Creator in pursuit of selfish desires. It is the golden calf (Exodus 31) of both ancient and modern times and even more so of our country. So what role can money play in relationships? In marriages? Simple research reveals that a certain group of women who discover that their husbands cheat on them are more likely... Read More

Are There Boundaries Between Men and Women? Rethinking the Social Division Between the Sexes

After reflecting on the years that I spent growing up in a conservative church, I can recall experiencing very little interaction with the opposite sex. Although boys and girls were permitted to sit together during the youth group worship services, it was a rare occasion when an individual from either sex took advantage of this opportunity. For the most part, boys would sit on one side of the sanctuary and girls on the other. The few times that I... Read More

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