Blogging the Bible: A Grace-Centered Reading Through the New Testament

Image by Lucy Loomis There are few books that have the depth of impact on the human soul as does the Bible. Regardless of reading it over and over again, a freshness emerges in the text each time it’s read. This year I have decided that I am going to blog through the New Testament. I do so mostly for me, as such an endeavor is not new. I will be trying to condense books, chapters and passages into a single thought, challenge, or concentration.... Read More

Real Solutions Not Resolutions: What Things Will You Really Change This Year?

Image by Dawn Ritchie The new year has come with cheers, shouts of glee, kisses, and flying confetti. The starting over of the calendar is a majestic happening. It may even be divine. The new year itself is none of these things on its’ own nor is another monotonous rotation around the sun anything to be pleased about in of itself. The renewing of the year is a reflection of the renewal that has come to our hearts and lives through the blood of Jesus... Read More

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