When Prayer Becomes a Joke and Protestants Go Too Far: Restoring Reverence and Awe in the Everyday

The way in which we approach God demonstrates what we think of God. Some see him as a loving Father, a terrible tyrant, an awe-striking omnipotent being, or a homie to giggle and laugh with. And while at times God does seem like these qualities, he is not one of these things to the exclusion of the others. Considering myself neither Protestant nor Catholic (nor Evangelical, Orthodox, or any other such label) has placed me in an interesting and insightful... Read More

Why it’s Meaningless to Say “I Believe in the Bible.”

I have heard it a hundred times. It is probably the most tossed around statement by Christians and evangelical churches alike. But despite its pervasive use, this phrase—which is intended to be insightful and meaningful—means nothing at all. In fact, its’ use continues to increase confusion among those inside and outside the church. And it is more likely than not that you yourself, just as I, have used this confusing phrase. With this phrase... Read More

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