Do We Despise and Criticize the Holy Spirit? Thoughts on Miracles and Our Hatred of Them

Image by darkrigel False prophets, charlatans, and miracle hocking hucksters abound. One need only peruse through late night television, past the “Will it blend” infomercial as an over happy man tries to blend an Ipad or some other nonsense—as if that strength might help when making a smoothy. TBN and other such stations may carry a tent revival or some healing meeting in which people come forward in wheel chairs and in walkers. People with... Read More

Prophecy—A Christian’s Crystal Ball? Thoughts on Discerning God’s Voice from Among Men

Image by CubaGallery Calvin and Hobbes, Garfield, Marmaduke, Andy Capp, and the Horoscopes. More or less in that order. Was Calvin going to conquer some new universe? Should Garfield go on a diet? Was I going to have a good day? Should I have stayed in bed? What better way to start my morning than a few laughs, and a blueprint for how my day would go? If I wanted to get real serious, the night before I could call a late night hotline, and get... Read More

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