How Are We To Spread the News?: Bible Thumping, Thermometers, and Radical Service

Image by Ryan McGeeney Often the greatest difficulty of missional work is to know how to preach the gospel. Growing up, I tried a wide assortment of “sharing your faith” forms. While optimistic when learning them, I soon came to realize that they were none to successful. In fact, now when looking back, I am somewhat embarrassed that I thought they would ever work or that I even went through with them. No doubt there were many different types or... Read More

Are We Really Evangelical? Thoughts on Hell, Action, and Missional Living

“If we only believed what comes out of our mouths, our actions would be very different.” These were the words which poured over me as I stood in the shower this morning. If I truly believed, if I really caught a glimpse of the urgency of the gospel, I would be doing things so much more differently. All the things which seem so incredibly important, would suddenly seem foolish. If the reality of Hell (on earth and eternal) was tangible, real, and... Read More

Street Preaching and Angry Screaming: Sharing Faith in the Public Space

Foaming at the mouth and screaming at the top of his lungs, I stood perplexed watching the otherwise normal appearing man condemn the masses around him to hell. This twenty-something man stood on his milk crate reading passages out of Revelation into a megaphone, crying warnings of the coming beast, the Apocalypse, and the impending doom for the unrepentant. All of the commotion and clamor came to a head when he began a fervent diatribe, screaming... Read More

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