The Hunted Sex: Why Men Are The Prey In An Eroticized Culture

Image by Dan Rybicky A deep panting was breathed in the dank darkness, matched with the heavy breathing of a dozen more shadowy figures. A low snarl echoed off the cave walls as the bared teeth and mane of a fierce lion emerged into the light. While believing that he was safe in the center of the room where the only light penetrated from some unseen source in the ceiling, the danger became palpable. The teeth of this beast glistened from the coating... Read More

The Old Spice Man and Women’s Porn: Are You Addicted?

Hello Ladies. How are you? Fantastic. Look down. Back-up. Where are you? You’re at THEOLOGY21 and we have a special treat for you! Jonathan Keck, the founder and senior editor of THEOLOGY21, has posted a funny but thought provoking guest post at Pop Parables on the Old Spice Man and “women’s pornography.” But before you head on over to Pop Parables, check out the Old Spice Man, Isaiah Mustafa, at his best! Does your man smell like the Old... Read More

Feeling the Monastic Call: Deploying Ancient Practices of Christ-Following

Image by Chris Dessaigne Sometimes the right thing to do is retreat. Battle torn, bloody, and beaten, those defending a city surrounded by her enemies and suffering defeat and defeat are demoralized and ill. And with a great blast of a horn from one of the battlements behind, the retreat is sounded. This is no permanent defeat but a temporary stay of fighting for the health and benefit of those feeling the constant barrage of the enemy. As this is... Read More

Beauty, Lust, and Pornography Through the Eyes of God: Confessions and Musings of a Lust-Crazed Youth

Image by Candice Wouters Sometimes I wish I were blind. Life would no doubt be more complicated in the simple tasks, but in reality it would benefit my soul. You see, I have what doctors call a “wandering eye.” If only it were a real medical condition. No, the wandering eye is praised and seen as the natural condition of humans by western American culture. Images dance across movie screens, television broadcasts, billboards, and internet ads everyday.... Read More

The Lost Art of Confession: Restoring Transparency and Honesty in the Body of Christ

Pulling back the curtain and sitting down on the provided wooden bench, my eyes widen to the hundreds of words scrawled and scribbled on the walls. As I silently investigate a few scratchings made by previous occupants of this booth, I am transfixed by the brutal honestly that took place on these white walls. How could I not be just as equally honest? I had entered a confession booth. A sort unfamiliar to me as I half expected to find some looming... Read More

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