Are Women Really Supposed to be Silent? Musings on the Paradox of Women’s Spiritual Authority

To neither be seen nor heard, this is the prescription and role of women in the Church—at least, according to some interpretations of the scripture. The role of women within the body of Christ is a difficult one, a topic which I have tried to avoid for some time because I am caught between two extremes that make me rather uncomfortable. Along with homosexuality, the role of women within the church is an issue over which the body is splitting apart.... Read More

The Perils of Pay in a Passion-Filled Preacher: How the Church Should Rethink Money, Work, and Service

The resume is printed, graphically organized with all appropriate references and GPA’s. The young man wearing an European-cut black suit and tie is ready to dominate this interview. All the years of school would finally pay off. The job market is not all that good, but careers are out there. No, this is not some ambitious, entrepreneurial-spirited business man. This is a pastor. And he is willing to work at your church as long as the number next... Read More

That Most Holy of Holies: The Sacredness of the Pastor’s Chair

  What is it about the pastors seat that makes it so holy and sacred? I mean, it’s just a seat. Right? Or has it been made extra holy by the pastor’s holy bum sitting in it each week. I began to reflect on this recently when I was speaking at a church for their Sunday service. For some reason unbeknownst to me, I sat in the front row but declined to sit in what would normally be the pastor’s seat. I sat a good deal further away from his... Read More

Confessions of an Isolated, Homeschooled Churchie

Isolation. Shelter. Protection. If one were to read the Gospels or the early Acts of the Apostles, none of these words would one expect to find as an idealized lifestyle. But unfortunately many of us who have been raised in the church are all too familiar with these concepts. My story is one like many others. A story of isolation and shelter. The son of a pastor. A homeschooler. And one who was raised where “outside” influence was strictly controlled. We... Read More

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