Why Do We Suffer? Rethinking Pain’s Role in the Christian’s Life

Image by Jade Hewitt Guest Post by Andy Scott Suffering. Our world is full of it. From the single mother who is trying to feed her five children on a minimum wage job, to the little girl who is lying on her deathbed as a result of a losing battle with leukemia. The world in which we live is inundated with anguish. But where did suffering originate? To put it simply, suffering is a result of sin entering the world, a ramification of the fall. Since... Read More

Be His Body: Becoming the Callused, Bloody Hands of Christ

Image by Daniel Horacio Agostin All around us, the world is filled with pain and suffering the likes of which no one can truly grasp. There are millions in the world that are starving and cold. Even now a young girl is curled on the floor, cold and desperate with nothing to live for. No food in her stomach and no clean water to speak of. She has no money and no one to take care of her. Two choices lay before her: She can continue to scratch out a... Read More

God’s Eye View: Trust and Hope in the Bleak and Grim

“We are doomed. Death is guaranteed. There is no question.” These were the thoughts of a panic-stricken young man as he strained his eyes, looking into the distance. A great dust storm the likes of which he had never seen headed toward him and his family. This ominous cloud hung in the air like some sudden and evil storm. But this was no tempest. No meteorological event. The great cloud was the dust kicked up by thousands of horses and the hordes... Read More

The Offering of Every Kind: The Uncomfortable Nature of Giving

Giving to God is something radical. At times uncomfortable. Even irrational. Today in the church, little to no one gives. The majority that do give, either financially or of their time, do so sparingly. They are consumers. They just take. And this is understandable. Reasonable in fact. They see their bank account or their family and job and say, “From where am I suppose to give. From where?” They see the little that they have and conclude that... Read More

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