Do You Want to Be Known? Thrice and the Heart of God—PART 1

Image by Meg Wills I am known. Are those words true of you? I am loved. Can you really be loved without first being known? What does it mean to really be known? Today we live in a world where real connection and real relationships are very few and far between. We have, at our fingertips, the ability to keep in contact with the world (literally). We can find out what’s going on in the lives of our friends and family without ever having to see them... Read More

The Spiritual and Musical Art of Thrice: A Review of the New Album Major/Minor

Since the formation of the band in 1998, Thrice has consistently succeeded in reinventing themselves as musicians, writers, and artists with each album that they produce. The new album Major/Minor, which was released last Tuesday, is a very guitar driven record with dirty riffs, quirky upbeat riffs, and grooving bass lines throughout. The energy of the album is captivating and very refreshing. Musically, the album marks another great milestone in... Read More

Gungor’s New Single: When Death Dies

Gungor’s new single does not disappoint. When Death Dies is obviously a work of great skill and beautiful composition, blending Spanish Moroccan-like rifts and clapping, eclectic accordion tunes, elegant cello, and an edgy flair of beat-boxing. But beneath the artful craft of these musicians lies a deeply profound dedication. The lyrics speak of all that comes to us “when death dies.” As “waters flooding a desert” and as “the sunrise shows... Read More

Screaming Praise: The Passionate Heart of Christian Hardcore

Jake Luhrs of August Burns Red Whenever people ask me what kind of music I like, I always give the same answer, “I like all kinds of music. It just depends on the band.” From Beethoven to Murs, Gregorian chant to Josh Garrels, and everything in between. But two genres really seem to take prominence on my iPod: Classical music and Hardcore music. I realize that those are polar opposites, but that really isn’t the point I’m trying to make.... Read More

On Worship: An Insightful Glimpse into the Mind of Dustin Lau

If you haven’t heard of Dustin Lau, you will. His new album has not left the confines of my car speakers since his new solo album released. Clashing Indie sounds with sweeping worshipful lyrics, his songs and their lyrics stick with you. One can’t help but fall into worship while listening. Many know Dustin as one of the guitar players for Jack Hamilton whose new album topped the Itunes charts in both worship and in general only weeks ago. As... Read More

What is Worship and How Does it Shape Us ?: An Interview With Scott Johnson

Worship is central to the Christian life and communion with our Creator. Scott Johnson, a new face to the relevant worship scene, has just released an album with some insightful and moving songs to move worshipers to that effect. I caught up with Scott to discuss some of his views on worship. When did you feel called to lead people into worship and become a song writer? It all began when I decided to lead worship in High School. When I was about 21,... Read More

God According to Gungor: The Character, Race, and Gender of the Divine

It was early Monday morning when I checked my email to find a message from my friend and developer of, Jonathan Keck. It read something along the lines of this: Had a great time at Catalyst Conference.  Have you heard of Gungor? I saw their video, “God Is Not a Man” there and I was wondering if you’d like to write an article on it? I faceplanted into my keyboard. I had been introduced to the song months ago by a friend of mine,... Read More

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