Choosing God or Ourselves: A Short Challenging Thought

Image by Naoki Tai One thought resounded in my mind this morning. From where the words came, I do not know. But they repeated over and over in my mind. “I would rather die a pauper in the service of Christ, than as a rich man in service of myself.” As these words flowed through my mind and heart, almost subconsciously saying these words like a mantra—I stopped. Do I really believe this? Is it about me or about Christ? Is it about my comfort,... Read More

The Cost of Love: Exploring the Role of Money in Relationships

There is a reason why Jesus spoke about money so often. Money is the one god that has led nearly every person to turn their back on the Creator in pursuit of selfish desires. It is the golden calf (Exodus 31) of both ancient and modern times and even more so of our country. So what role can money play in relationships? In marriages? Simple research reveals that a certain group of women who discover that their husbands cheat on them are more likely... Read More

The Key to the Question “How Do You Measure Success?”

Image by Saraaaaahh No collection or arrangement of poetic words can capture the depths of pain and hurt that one experiences in a life which feels wasted. I have struggled with this myself. It is very easy to look at all of those around us, friends and family, and compare ourselves to them. It is a common American pastime. And It is the wellspring of our rat-race to see who can get the best job, nicest car, best toys, and hottest wife. For myself,... Read More

Confessions of an Over-Consuming, Gluttonous, Squanderer of God’s Wealth: Rethinking How the Church Handles Food and Finances

Image by Taylor Summach When one thinks of gluttony, images of some morbidly obese person stuffing himself with five cheeseburgers while sitting in a car is the sort of image one gets. Because very few people see this sin in themselves. Most look past the sin of gluttony in the various lists of damnable sins which if practiced cut one off from the kingdom of God. But the reality is, gluttony is a very major problem for most if not all people in America.... Read More

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