Do We Despise and Criticize the Holy Spirit? Thoughts on Miracles and Our Hatred of Them

Image by darkrigel False prophets, charlatans, and miracle hocking hucksters abound. One need only peruse through late night television, past the “Will it blend” infomercial as an over happy man tries to blend an Ipad or some other nonsense—as if that strength might help when making a smoothy. TBN and other such stations may carry a tent revival or some healing meeting in which people come forward in wheel chairs and in walkers. People with... Read More

Trusting in Our Words Instead of Trusting in God: The Paradox of Faith In the Miraculous

As I sat on the bench preparing for a day of service, I heard a woman wailing outside. Our medical team was preparing for a full day of work in the jungle. We hadn’t even opened the doors yet to see patients because we had just arrived. After a few minutes I saw my dear friend, the former strongest man in Peru, carrying a woman writhing in pain. She couldn’t walk, she could barely talk, and my immediate reaction was to stare. Through translators... Read More

The Conduits and Flow of the Holy Spirit in Our Lives: Becoming Agents of Change in Our Cities

Nothing happened. I banged on the sides of the vacuum trying to get the infernal contraption to start working. But no matter how many times I clicked the start switch and checked the underside of the spinning and vacuuming turbines, nothing happened. Eventually I realized that the plug was not in the electrical socket. The appliance that I was trying to clean things up with and get work done would never do its’ job if no power was flowing through... Read More

Holy Healing Handkerchiefs: The Miraculous and the Potency of the Holy Spirit

When God showed up in people’s lives and made a display of himself on earth, it was done in mighty and breathtaking ways. How could the people of Israel not fall on their knees in awe and fear when He appeared as a great pillar of flames consuming their enemies and guiding them through the desert. What if this same God showed up in our presence? Would you or I live any differently if this great pillar of fire fell from heaven in our local... Read More

Jesus Christ, Zombie King: The Resurrection and Raising of the Dead

Ripples of dirt spilled down the sides of a growing mound of dirt pushed to the surface. Cracked and clawed at, clods of soil were forced aside as one grotesque and decayed arm thrust itself out of the earth. A reanimated corpse climbed out of the ground. And on this foggy, most sacred night hundreds of other graves were opened and tombs exhumed by their once still, silent, and dead occupants. But these zombies were far from lifeless corpses. They... Read More

The Science of Miracles: Theological Lessons from Middle-Schoolers

I work at a middle school. It’s not a luxurious job, but sometimes it proves valuable. Recently while teaching a science class about water and the positive and negative charges that these molecules carry, deep spiritual understanding rushed upon me. It was an epiphany. I explained that these charges attract each other much like magnets, linking together to form water as we know it. I could see the widening of their eyes. They were blown away by... Read More

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