Why You Naturally Think About Sex and Food (and How It Can Be Changed): The Ritual and Habit of Your Mind and Thoughts

Image by Eric Macdonald Synapses and neurons fire constantly in our brains, carving out pathways in which electrical impulses surge through out minds to access stored information and gather thoughts and images for our ritualized behavior. The science of the brain and the way we think is foreign to most (including me). And while much of this incredible data is mysterious, one things seems clear: Our habitual rituals are made more easily accessible... Read More

What Does Science Tell Us About Our Soul?

Image by Lola Scott A NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Science has the incredible ability to open up new sections of dialogue with the scripture and theology. Eric McClellan has done just that in many articles, including his most recent guest post at Pangea Blog—a site dedicated to bringing the king together in unity much as the continents once were united as one until split apart. In his article, Eric posses several questions about the soul, physics, and... Read More

Thoughts to Make the Mind Congeal: The Maddening Effects of Exploring an Infinite God

While considered by many as a terrible film filled with blasphemy—most notoriously so for depicting God as a women—Dogma reveals an aspect of our creator which is rarely discussed. It was quipped throughout the film that to truly hear the voice of God—both for men and for angels—one’s heads would explode. This was done in jest throughout the film but they, unintentionally no doubt, struck a deep and true cord in how we ought to relate to... Read More

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