Do You Want to Be Known? Thrice and the Heart of God—PART 2

Image by sopranosflight “I bragged of baring my bones…” Kensrue states in reference to a track from the album The Illusion of Safety, a track ironically entitled In Years to Come. He recalls his desire and eagerness to live a sacrificial lifestyle. A lifestyle where he would set his needs, comfort and desires aside and live to love God with everything in him. However, in hindsight he acknowledges that he still has, “…badges to earn…”... Read More

God’s Eye View: Trust and Hope in the Bleak and Grim

“We are doomed. Death is guaranteed. There is no question.” These were the thoughts of a panic-stricken young man as he strained his eyes, looking into the distance. A great dust storm the likes of which he had never seen headed toward him and his family. This ominous cloud hung in the air like some sudden and evil storm. But this was no tempest. No meteorological event. The great cloud was the dust kicked up by thousands of horses and the hordes... Read More

Thoughts to Make the Mind Congeal: The Maddening Effects of Exploring an Infinite God

While considered by many as a terrible film filled with blasphemy—most notoriously so for depicting God as a women—Dogma reveals an aspect of our creator which is rarely discussed. It was quipped throughout the film that to truly hear the voice of God—both for men and for angels—one’s heads would explode. This was done in jest throughout the film but they, unintentionally no doubt, struck a deep and true cord in how we ought to relate to... Read More

Burning Bushes and Blinding Men: Humanity’s Encounter with an Inexplicable God

When humans encounter God, it is often something inexplicable. Does man meet God through matters of logic, reason, and systematic, apologetic ready Theology? Can one, through the heights of study and discourse discover and know God? The image painted by the scriptures seems to say no. His appearance among men is dramatic and experiential. And when God does show himself, he does not reason with us about his existence or his law—nor has he done so... Read More

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