Sermon on the Mount: Why According to Jesus the Law is Impossible to Follow

Jesus is a flower picking, daisy-in-the-barrel-of-a-gun peace ambassador to the world. In the ilk of Martin Luther King and Gandhi, Jesus skipped and laughed as his hippie tie-dye clothes swayed back and forth. And when he preached, he spoke only of puppy dog tails, bubbles, and love. At least, this is the picture some have gotten while reading the Sermon on the Mount. Countless professors and students across the country pick up this singular series... Read More

What Are You Remembering On This Memorial Day? Military, Martyrs, and Missionaries

Image by Heritage History of Christian Martyrs in Roman Empire Guns blazing in a horrendous firefight, the pinned down soldiers thought nothing could save them. They fought forces which oppressed their freedom. The British had long abused the rights and freedoms of the American colonies and now they fought back. And these long abusive fights and the endless loss of life was but for one cause—a free nation of their own. The right to pray the way... Read More

The Gospel According to Gaga: A Modern Commentary on Jesus, Judas, Betrayal, and the Human Propensity Toward Evil

On boisterous bikes rolling down the highway, Jesus led his pack of biker-disciples all garnering embroidered leather jackets with skulls and holy names. Such is the image Lady Gaga paints of the twelve disciples in her new music video and single Judas, in which Gaga herself plays the role of the famed harlot and repentant prostitute Mary Magdalene. The video itself is a conglomeration of cryptic references, telling imagery, and layered meanings,... Read More

Spiritual Obesity: A Western Dilemma of Indolence and Inaction

Image by Evgeny Grinko I am going to start off with two numbers: 6.9 billion and 4.29 billion. The first number is the current, growing population of the world, which is quickly creeping up on seven billion people. The second number is what could numerically happen if we focused on being the body of Christ in a way that He calls us. Meaning, in 16 years there could potentially be 4,290,000,000 people around the world that are discipled followers... Read More

Who Are You A Missionary To? Why the Church Needs to be Missional Again

Last week I wrote an article entitled Changing a Culture of Sex and Promiscuity in which I dealt with the culture of sex which is rampant in Peru. We asked questions like: “How do we respond? What do we say? How can we be a part of the change?” After talking about reestablishing the culture of God, I left you with a thought: “I believe missional communities are the only way a “sojourner and exile” generation can be raised up “to abstain... Read More

Does Your Life Reflect What Christ Called it to Be? : An Open Invitation For the Church to Wake-Up

We have lost something. The Church has lost something. We are distracted. Our time, energy, passion, and money are consumed in the right cloths, the right house, the right church, and the right job. Too often, myself included, Christians don’t care about anything beyond their own desires and comforts. What is going on? How are we so distracted by the pleasures of this world and yet blind to all the work that needs to be done and the pain and suffering... Read More

Is Christ Just Another Part of Your Cluttered Life or is He That Which Defines You?

Sitting at Starbucks with my mountain of books about me and scratching out an outline for some chapter I was to write later that week, a friend plopped down in the seat next to me. This is the usual environment and setting in which I thrive and live for. Good books, good coffee (relatively at least), and conversations with good friends is what I am most passionate about. Anyone who knows me knows that they can’t interrupt me. Nothing that I am working... Read More

The Conduits and Flow of the Holy Spirit in Our Lives: Becoming Agents of Change in Our Cities

Nothing happened. I banged on the sides of the vacuum trying to get the infernal contraption to start working. But no matter how many times I clicked the start switch and checked the underside of the spinning and vacuuming turbines, nothing happened. Eventually I realized that the plug was not in the electrical socket. The appliance that I was trying to clean things up with and get work done would never do its’ job if no power was flowing through... Read More

Holy Healing Handkerchiefs: The Miraculous and the Potency of the Holy Spirit

When God showed up in people’s lives and made a display of himself on earth, it was done in mighty and breathtaking ways. How could the people of Israel not fall on their knees in awe and fear when He appeared as a great pillar of flames consuming their enemies and guiding them through the desert. What if this same God showed up in our presence? Would you or I live any differently if this great pillar of fire fell from heaven in our local... Read More

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