The Cloud of God’s Glory: Why Abandoning Religion is What it’s All About

Image by Elisenda Castro Beyond anything we could ever image, God is. Beyond time, beyond the vastness of the universe, beyond the petty squabbles which fill the news, and beyond any one of us. In relation between us and God, we might compare ourselves to ants or some kind of microbe in order to gain a better picture. Such a small and meaningless creature is nothing to you or I. We either pay no regard to such things or just for sport, see them squirm... Read More

That Most Holy of Holies: The Sacredness of the Pastor’s Chair

  What is it about the pastors seat that makes it so holy and sacred? I mean, it’s just a seat. Right? Or has it been made extra holy by the pastor’s holy bum sitting in it each week. I began to reflect on this recently when I was speaking at a church for their Sunday service. For some reason unbeknownst to me, I sat in the front row but declined to sit in what would normally be the pastor’s seat. I sat a good deal further away from his... Read More

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