The Poison Infecting All Youth: Thoughts On Why Murder and Death is Humorous

Kiev Jew Killed in Ivangorod (1942) The muzzle of a Luger P08 pistol was pressed against the back of a defiant Jewish woman’s head. She had refused to succumb to the terror and fear which had seized those around her. Upon the barking and abrasive order of his superior officer, the young SS soldier pulled the trigger. She was but one victim of the Nazis in the early years of WWII leading to the mass extermination of Jews. This eradication is retold... Read More

The Curious Case of the Christian Love Affair with Josephus

Walk into any Christian book store and one will find the collected works of Josephus, sandwiched right between the commentaries of John MacArthur and some other Christian staple—be it “More than a Carpenter” or “Kingdom of the Cults.” Growing up as a PK (pastor’s kid), I knew and recognized this text sitting prominently on the bookshelf right next to all the commentaries, concordances, and Bible helps. This is not just a modern Christian... Read More

Image of the Invisible: A Portrait of an Infinite God

Much ink and blood has been spilt over the identity of Jesus Christ. Much blood from those killed and much ink from the volumes of texts written over and about who Jesus really was. Of course, no historical event or personage can ever be completely, 100 percent  guaranteed to have existed let alone knowing the quality of their identity and character. When it comes to historical texts or other such disciplines (such as archaeology), we can only speak... Read More

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