If We Are “Perfect”, Why Don’t I See Perfect People?

Image by Taylor; through a lens The gospel has made significant inroads into religious Christian communities all over the world as of late. However, one common complaint heard from the religious is “Where are these perfect people?” In their mind, the answer to this rhetorical question is “no where.” There are no perfect people, or if they are “perfect”, it is only a positional perfection given to us legally—but we are still wretched... Read More

Spiritual Obesity: A Western Dilemma of Indolence and Inaction

Image by Evgeny Grinko I am going to start off with two numbers: 6.9 billion and 4.29 billion. The first number is the current, growing population of the world, which is quickly creeping up on seven billion people. The second number is what could numerically happen if we focused on being the body of Christ in a way that He calls us. Meaning, in 16 years there could potentially be 4,290,000,000 people around the world that are discipled followers... Read More

A Soiled Heart: A Theology of Growth and Going Green

Image by Charlie Ambler We are dirt. We are, at our very core, that which lies underneath our feet. God reached down and scooped a clod of soil from the earth and formed his creation. And he called it “Adam.” Literally this name, deriving from the word adamah, means ground or earth. This is what we are. Soil. Earth. Dirt. It is what we were made from and what we will return to. This earth, as well as our very bodies, was animated by his breath.... Read More

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