Holy Healing Handkerchiefs: The Miraculous and the Potency of the Holy Spirit

When God showed up in people’s lives and made a display of himself on earth, it was done in mighty and breathtaking ways. How could the people of Israel not fall on their knees in awe and fear when He appeared as a great pillar of flames consuming their enemies and guiding them through the desert. What if this same God showed up in our presence? Would you or I live any differently if this great pillar of fire fell from heaven in our local... Read More

I Am Fire of Fire: The Ancient Church’s View on Demons

Every wisp of smoke and every creaking branch created images of creatures which dwelt in the dark.  Uttering some garbled ancient language long forgotten, these creatures did not just exist in the imagination of frightened young children pulling their covers to their eyes or in the paranoid and trepid man walking some dark and lonely path through the woods at night.  These demons were real. Despite our modern notions, which undoubtedly think the... Read More

Burning Bushes and Blinding Men: Humanity’s Encounter with an Inexplicable God

When humans encounter God, it is often something inexplicable. Does man meet God through matters of logic, reason, and systematic, apologetic ready Theology? Can one, through the heights of study and discourse discover and know God? The image painted by the scriptures seems to say no. His appearance among men is dramatic and experiential. And when God does show himself, he does not reason with us about his existence or his law—nor has he done so... Read More

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