Screaming Praise: The Passionate Heart of Christian Hardcore

Jake Luhrs of August Burns Red Whenever people ask me what kind of music I like, I always give the same answer, “I like all kinds of music. It just depends on the band.” From Beethoven to Murs, Gregorian chant to Josh Garrels, and everything in between. But two genres really seem to take prominence on my iPod: Classical music and Hardcore music. I realize that those are polar opposites, but that really isn’t the point I’m trying to make.... Read More

Are We Really Evangelical? Thoughts on Hell, Action, and Missional Living

“If we only believed what comes out of our mouths, our actions would be very different.” These were the words which poured over me as I stood in the shower this morning. If I truly believed, if I really caught a glimpse of the urgency of the gospel, I would be doing things so much more differently. All the things which seem so incredibly important, would suddenly seem foolish. If the reality of Hell (on earth and eternal) was tangible, real, and... Read More

What If Jesus Walked Our Modern Streets, Rather Than in Antiquity?

Image by Taniwha The streets were flooded with countless faces, all contorted in pain and agony as they desperately pressed upon one another to just catch a glimpse of this prophet whom they had heard so much about. They had heard that the dead were raised, the sick were healed, the hungry were fed, and those possessed with evil spirits were set free. In desperation, they reached out clinging to his garments hoping that they might get just enough... Read More

Let Us Not Make an Idol of the Bible: Why Trusting the Holy Spirit Within is Often More Important

From far beyond, God speaks to us. He is an infinite, transcendent, inexplicable Creator beyond anything or anyone that our feeble minds can comprehend. Yet He loves us. We are His children and He wants us to know, experience, and trust Him. In antiquity, God appeared to men as pillars of flame and wisps of smoke, but this was not intimate enough. While the tribes of Israel knew of His might and power, and were rightly terrified, they also knew little... Read More

Who Are You A Missionary To? Why the Church Needs to be Missional Again

Last week I wrote an article entitled Changing a Culture of Sex and Promiscuity in which I dealt with the culture of sex which is rampant in Peru. We asked questions like: “How do we respond? What do we say? How can we be a part of the change?” After talking about reestablishing the culture of God, I left you with a thought: “I believe missional communities are the only way a “sojourner and exile” generation can be raised up “to abstain... Read More

If the Rocks Will Worship, So Shall We: The Triumphal Entry, Palm Sunday, and Worship

The long appointed time has come. The moment that was foretold thousands of years ago dawned on that day. As Jesus triumphantly entered into Jerusalem on what is now remembered and celebrated as Palm Sunday, great praise burst from the people of the city. At no time was Christ ever worshiped, praised, or exalted like this during his ministry. Despite his meek and humble entrance on a donkey covered with the cloaks of shepherds and vagabonds, such... Read More

What Separated us has been Removed: Thoughts on Atonement and Relationship with Hashem

Since that fateful moment when Eve and Adam took that forbidden bite, humanity has been cut off from their creator. Walking with and enjoying the company of our creator was an everyday affair—a relationship for which countless Christians and people the world over have longed. And as the consequences of their crimes became apparent, Adam and Eve were driven from the presence of God and the perfect state of being in the garden. Though no doubt they... Read More

Are We Living for Christ or Cash? Musings Over Possession, Power, and Popularity in the Church

We are so steeped in this life. It is what we invest in. It is what consumes our thoughts. And though I would love to say that Christ and the movement of the Holy Spirit is actually what I am most concerned about, it is not. And I am not alone. The race to accumulate and to be comfortable, to enjoy the flesh, is our number one concern. A terrible thought seized me yesterday as I drove to class. What if Christ is weeping as he looks down at his church,... Read More

The Danger and Destruction of Denominationalism: The Much Needed Unity In and Intimacy with Christ

Image by Bartondamer Guest post by Ben Holden Roman Catholic · Anglican · Independent Catholic · Old Catholic, Lutheran · Calvinist · Anabaptist · Arminian · Baptist · Methodist · Adventist · Evangelical · Holiness · Pentecostal · Eastern Orthodox · Oriental Orthodox · Assyrian In any given town in America, the churches listed above often sit across the street from one another—humorously in some cases one on each corner of a busy... Read More

The Perils of Pay in a Passion-Filled Preacher: How the Church Should Rethink Money, Work, and Service

The resume is printed, graphically organized with all appropriate references and GPA’s. The young man wearing an European-cut black suit and tie is ready to dominate this interview. All the years of school would finally pay off. The job market is not all that good, but careers are out there. No, this is not some ambitious, entrepreneurial-spirited business man. This is a pastor. And he is willing to work at your church as long as the number next... Read More

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