A Flirting with Righteousness: The Obligation Toward Radical Love, Service, and Giving of Ourselves

Image by Chase Barrington Toes dangling over a precipice, many flirt with great danger. Perhaps not in a physical sense, though no doubt many do indeed take risks in the name of adventure and fun. All, however, embark on a greater threat however. Flirting with danger and sin may be the number one Christian pastime. Those not of the Way are already dead in spirit and truth. They do not know the ways of God nor His heart—but He knows their hearts.... Read More

Does Your Life Reflect What Christ Called it to Be? : An Open Invitation For the Church to Wake-Up

We have lost something. The Church has lost something. We are distracted. Our time, energy, passion, and money are consumed in the right cloths, the right house, the right church, and the right job. Too often, myself included, Christians don’t care about anything beyond their own desires and comforts. What is going on? How are we so distracted by the pleasures of this world and yet blind to all the work that needs to be done and the pain and suffering... Read More

Why Passing the Offering Basket May Rob Christians of Genuine Giving and Their Call to Sacrifice More

It was the first time I had visited this neighboring church, one which I had intended to visit for years. God was doing something in and among them. The church was growing and gaining influence over the community in which they lived. Such influence caught my eye, curious at how they run their services, what the speakers are like, and what sort of culture they are creating. I was impressed. The crowd was made up of young, energized, and excited Christians.... Read More

Are We Living for Christ or Cash? Musings Over Possession, Power, and Popularity in the Church

We are so steeped in this life. It is what we invest in. It is what consumes our thoughts. And though I would love to say that Christ and the movement of the Holy Spirit is actually what I am most concerned about, it is not. And I am not alone. The race to accumulate and to be comfortable, to enjoy the flesh, is our number one concern. A terrible thought seized me yesterday as I drove to class. What if Christ is weeping as he looks down at his church,... Read More

Everything is Meant to Give: The Heart of God and Our Call to Generosity

Image by Steffen Olsen From the distant cosmos to the very ground underneath our feet, all was created and made as a system of interacting elements and supporting parts. And every single thing, from the heights to lowest was made to give. God, at the core, is a giving being. He gave and continually gives life and light, animating everything that has ever existed. Nothing exists apart from Him. And He designed the entire universe and everything in... Read More

The Offering of Every Kind: The Uncomfortable Nature of Giving

Giving to God is something radical. At times uncomfortable. Even irrational. Today in the church, little to no one gives. The majority that do give, either financially or of their time, do so sparingly. They are consumers. They just take. And this is understandable. Reasonable in fact. They see their bank account or their family and job and say, “From where am I suppose to give. From where?” They see the little that they have and conclude that... Read More

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