Marriage and Divorce: Restoring the Sacredness of a Perverted Sacrament

Image by Tanesa Flavell We have become a culture of divorce, free sex, and relationships resting on pleasure. Something has got to change. Should marriage be abandoned? Or should it be restored and rebuilt? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below on marriage, divorce, and sex. _______________ America has become a divorce culture. While numerous and divergent statistics can be cited, the most common number is 50%. Those are some pretty... Read More

Treating God Like A Cosmic Vending Machine: Rethinking How We Pray

Image by midorisyu On hand and knee, we come groveling before Him with tears and whimpers begging for that which we long. Like a dog begging for food from it’s masters plate, most often this is how God is approached. And while prayer is powerful and God promises to respond in favor and love, often our own will and desire dominates our prayers rather than our Fathers. Prayers often take the form of dictations, rather than requests. They become the... Read More

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