Why Lent is Important and Why Working for Christ is not the Same as Being with Christ

I need to observe Lent. I am distracted. I am so consumed with doing things for Christ that I miss out on being with Christ. This is not a new problem. Even in the early Church, Christians struggled with this distraction. There is so much to do. So many people who need to be served. The Gospel message needs to be preached. So much Orthodoxy needs to be defended and explained. The early church in Ephesus had these same problems. They were radical workers... Read More

Feeling the Monastic Call: Deploying Ancient Practices of Christ-Following

Image by Chris Dessaigne Sometimes the right thing to do is retreat. Battle torn, bloody, and beaten, those defending a city surrounded by her enemies and suffering defeat and defeat are demoralized and ill. And with a great blast of a horn from one of the battlements behind, the retreat is sounded. This is no permanent defeat but a temporary stay of fighting for the health and benefit of those feeling the constant barrage of the enemy. As this is... Read More

Real Solutions Not Resolutions: What Things Will You Really Change This Year?

Image by Dawn Ritchie The new year has come with cheers, shouts of glee, kisses, and flying confetti. The starting over of the calendar is a majestic happening. It may even be divine. The new year itself is none of these things on its’ own nor is another monotonous rotation around the sun anything to be pleased about in of itself. The renewing of the year is a reflection of the renewal that has come to our hearts and lives through the blood of Jesus... Read More

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