The False-Danger of Misinformation: Why Reading and Studying Contradicting “Truths” Strengthen Our Walks With Christ.

Image by Rob Gallop Like a rotting corpse, decaying from within, the wrong sort of information can destroy a person’s mind and soul. Or at least this is what many Christians have been told. Information can be evil, sprung for the vile imaginations of demons and devils alike. And since this information is demonically inspired, it corrupts and destroys the truth within our souls. Such information, than, should be avoided at all costs. Shun those... Read More

What If All Your Thoughts Became Real? The Depths of Depravity and Human Evil

Image by Chris Dessaigne The gap between God and man is infinite. It is infinite upon infinite. But this division is not just in power but in morality. God is good. Perfectly good in every thought and notion. But what about our thoughts? We are good at measuring morality and goodness by our actions. We see the drunkard and say that he is completely corrupt. We see the rapist or murder and call him abhorrently evil.  We may even see the everyday... Read More

Temptation: Rethinking Christ, Adam, and Our Everyday Battle with Desire and Sin

Standing upon the precipice and glimpsing over the edge, thousands of kingdoms lay in sight. All of these powers collectively held all the wealth, power, and authority of the world. And they could all be his. They could be his. If only one simple action were taken—If he would bend his knee to that ancient evil, Lucifer. Christ had gotten himself into quite the predicament. How could he resist such an offer? Temptation is no simple thing. Nor is... Read More

What the Hell!? Ancient Abortions, Pitchforks, and Where the Worm Dieth Not

  Amidst a swirl of agony and fire looms a hooved and pitchfork clasping figure. The earth opens and swallows countless people—young, old, murders, and average everyday people. And as they fall into this endless abyss, the great horned beast with whipping pitchforked tail and protruding red horns, releases a great boisterous laugh. For some, they spend an eternity on a spit slowing being turned by some demonic imp screeching out some garbled... Read More

A Discourse on Sin, Separation, and Our True Identity in Christ

  Image by Ty Carlson. We are the Imago Dei—the image of God. A mirror of who He is on Earth The following was a debate between myself and a dear and close Friend. The first statement was a quote from Mark Driscoll’s Doctrine that I posted on Facebook. The debate emerged immediately as we tried to unpack and explore what it means to sin and have a relationship with Christ. Jonathan Daniel Keck “Human beings are sinners who commit... Read More

That Old Serpent the Devil: The Origin of Evil and the Corruption of Men’s Hearts

In the flashing moment when all was created, one being emerged more elevated and godlike than all the rest. This ancient beast goes by many names long forgotten and unspoken by the tongues of men. He is known as Baha’i Faith, Yazidi, Angra Mainyu, Azazel, and Sammael. But more commonly this most high being is known today as the Devil, Satan, or Lucifer. He was created as the most high angel, second only to God in power. Yet with all his vastness... Read More

Good God! An Evil World and an Apathetic People

Countless cameras catalog their tortured faces filled with fear. Pain. Suffering. These are very real torments which plague humanity across the globe. Transcending culture and language, the face of evil is known by all and is readily recognizable in the still expressions of the dead children who die every five seconds from starvation. Indeed, in the time it has taken to read thus far, six children somewhere now lay motionless as their survivors weep... Read More

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