Are We Really Evangelical? Thoughts on Hell, Action, and Missional Living

“If we only believed what comes out of our mouths, our actions would be very different.” These were the words which poured over me as I stood in the shower this morning. If I truly believed, if I really caught a glimpse of the urgency of the gospel, I would be doing things so much more differently. All the things which seem so incredibly important, would suddenly seem foolish. If the reality of Hell (on earth and eternal) was tangible, real, and... Read More

God’s Provision in Doubt and Indecision: Why Trusting In Him is Nothing Unique or New—Even For Those Called to Peru

Image by Frank Tiemann For months we had been preparing, praying, talking, getting rid of everything, finding homes for our puppies, and making decisions that would affect the next year of our lives. My wife and I were fully convinced that God was calling us to Peru. Random people were telling us that God wanted to use us to do things in this country. We were excited, nervous, and “ready.” Yet, just as we were about to purchase our tickets,... Read More

Universalism: The Dangers of Postmodern Theology in the Church

“The notion that a creature born imperfect, nay, born with impulses to evil not of his own generating, and which he could not help having, a creature to whom the true face of God was never presented, and by whom it never could have been seen, should thus be condemned to everlasting torment is as loathsome a lie against God as could find place in a heart too undeveloped to understand what justice is, and too low to look up into the face of Jesus.... Read More

Are You too Busy For Christ? Practical Steps in Redeeming Lost Time

Image by Invisible kid Traffic jammed, our lives are filled and busy. We rarely stop. We are constantly on the move. And most leave little to no time in their cluttered, drive-thru, fast food-spiritual lives. Very few read the scripture regularly or even carve out some time in their busy schedules to pray and have communion with our savior. And while the most healthy thing would be for people to get out of bed an hour earlier than when they otherwise... Read More

The Perils of Pay in a Passion-Filled Preacher: How the Church Should Rethink Money, Work, and Service

The resume is printed, graphically organized with all appropriate references and GPA’s. The young man wearing an European-cut black suit and tie is ready to dominate this interview. All the years of school would finally pay off. The job market is not all that good, but careers are out there. No, this is not some ambitious, entrepreneurial-spirited business man. This is a pastor. And he is willing to work at your church as long as the number next... Read More

What the Hell!? Ancient Abortions, Pitchforks, and Where the Worm Dieth Not

  Amidst a swirl of agony and fire looms a hooved and pitchfork clasping figure. The earth opens and swallows countless people—young, old, murders, and average everyday people. And as they fall into this endless abyss, the great horned beast with whipping pitchforked tail and protruding red horns, releases a great boisterous laugh. For some, they spend an eternity on a spit slowing being turned by some demonic imp screeching out some garbled... Read More

Good God! An Evil World and an Apathetic People

Countless cameras catalog their tortured faces filled with fear. Pain. Suffering. These are very real torments which plague humanity across the globe. Transcending culture and language, the face of evil is known by all and is readily recognizable in the still expressions of the dead children who die every five seconds from starvation. Indeed, in the time it has taken to read thus far, six children somewhere now lay motionless as their survivors weep... Read More

Street Preaching and Angry Screaming: Sharing Faith in the Public Space

Foaming at the mouth and screaming at the top of his lungs, I stood perplexed watching the otherwise normal appearing man condemn the masses around him to hell. This twenty-something man stood on his milk crate reading passages out of Revelation into a megaphone, crying warnings of the coming beast, the Apocalypse, and the impending doom for the unrepentant. All of the commotion and clamor came to a head when he began a fervent diatribe, screaming... Read More

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