The Wine Of Heaven: What I Learned At A Mystic, “Drunk on the Glory of God” Charismatic Meeting

Pulling into the parking lot, my friend and I were a good forty-minutes late. I had just spend several hours in a meeting planning and programing a ministry our Church is launching in several months. Church business, good or bad, was on my mind. But as we stepped onto the church property and approached the double-doors of the sanctuary, we were greeted by a tattooed, 30-something man who acted as if we were long lost friends. “HEEEEY, you brothers... Read More

Forget the Planet, Mormons are Taking over the Universe: Rethinking and Becoming a Missional People

Space. The final frontier. Stretching beyond their local gathering places, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is about to embark on their greatest missional journey. Their door-to-door mission on Schwinn bicycles with ties flapping to-and-fro as they spread their message with incredible vigor is a thing of the past. Their future: no, not world domination. That’s small potatoes. Galactic and planetary missions—now that is the goal... Read More

Flirt Convert: Mormon Mysteries and the Art of Missionary Dating

Walking into the crowded room, I felt as if I had been instantly transported to some etherial pleasure garden filled with otherworldly beauties scampering about. When my dear friend, whom I knew had a bit of a crush on me and had playfully flirted with me many nights in the work place, had invited me to visit her church, I was quite reluctant. For years she had asked me, but despite her flirting and genuinely kind demeanor, I thought she was going... Read More

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