Just Jesus and True Freedom: Kingdom Ethics and A Response To Kurt Willems

Image by Susan Lueck Explosions of jubilation, flames spreading across the night sky—such is the joy and exuberant praise through which Americans celebrate their independence from England. People spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on explosives— “firecrackers” which came in all sorts of shapes and sizes being culturally branding names to boost sales. “The Chamber of Sparks” by Phantom is a popular package of fireworks cleverly... Read More

When Scientists Play God: How Far is Too Far?

The advancement of science in the last century is staggering. Its amazing to think of the progress that we have made and how modern science plays a role in just about every aspect of our lives. Undoubtedly, this progress will continue in the years to come. Much of what we now consider to be impossible will be well within our reach. But, somewhere along the line we should probably stop and ask ourselves where the line of ethics is. Just because we... Read More

A Christian Guide to Choosing a Birth Control Method

Image by JackelynAnn There are some groups of Christians, such as the Quiverfull movement , who are opposed to the use of birth control. I’m not a member in any of those groups. I’m in the group that advocates the use of birth control in a monogamous marriage, whereby both partners have prayerfully considered the chosen method and agree that it is God honoring, obedient to His call for their marriage, and respectful of human life. As a mom of... Read More

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