Confessions of a faithless Workaholic: Why You Too Should Think Twice About Why You Go To Church

Image by cameosteph Silent, absent, and distant. That is how I have felt about my “walk” and my “relationship” with Christ over the last several months. And no doubt many of you may have wondered where the fresh articles, challenging content, and wittily-written musings have gone from the pages of THEOLOGY21. And while I have been overwhelmingly busy with a new job and a new season in life, my “faith” and the common expression of that... Read More

Do We Despise and Criticize the Holy Spirit? Thoughts on Miracles and Our Hatred of Them

Image by darkrigel False prophets, charlatans, and miracle hocking hucksters abound. One need only peruse through late night television, past the “Will it blend” infomercial as an over happy man tries to blend an Ipad or some other nonsense—as if that strength might help when making a smoothy. TBN and other such stations may carry a tent revival or some healing meeting in which people come forward in wheel chairs and in walkers. People with... Read More

God’s Provision in Doubt and Indecision: Why Trusting In Him is Nothing Unique or New—Even For Those Called to Peru

Image by Frank Tiemann For months we had been preparing, praying, talking, getting rid of everything, finding homes for our puppies, and making decisions that would affect the next year of our lives. My wife and I were fully convinced that God was calling us to Peru. Random people were telling us that God wanted to use us to do things in this country. We were excited, nervous, and “ready.” Yet, just as we were about to purchase our tickets,... Read More

These are not your Grandma’s Chubby Cherubs: Killer Angels and Messengers from on High

Image by kh2rac Angels. You know, those cubby-little winged babies floating about giggling and clad in nothing but a diaper. Don’t these little cherubs get cold? And who in the world changes their diapers anyway? This precious-moments image of what we glibly call angels seems to dominate most people’s minds—especially during the holiday season. Christmas is filled with porcelain angels clad in flowing gowns sitting atop decorated trees mechanically... Read More

The Misadventures of Doubt: What We Believe is Seen by How We Act

Creaking and whining wood fills the air. Suddenly, the cracking sound of wood explodes along the floorboards as trickles of water percolate through the crevasses. With another pounding waves against the hull, beams begin to break, splitting and splaying ever so slightly. The floor is flooded with flowing water. The walls are weeping. The ship is sinking. Every shipmate and man-at-arms rightly abandons ship, making way to the lifeboats. What folly... Read More

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