What the Hell!? Ancient Abortions, Pitchforks, and Where the Worm Dieth Not

  Amidst a swirl of agony and fire looms a hooved and pitchfork clasping figure. The earth opens and swallows countless people—young, old, murders, and average everyday people. And as they fall into this endless abyss, the great horned beast with whipping pitchforked tail and protruding red horns, releases a great boisterous laugh. For some, they spend an eternity on a spit slowing being turned by some demonic imp screeching out some garbled... Read More

That Old Serpent the Devil: The Origin of Evil and the Corruption of Men’s Hearts

In the flashing moment when all was created, one being emerged more elevated and godlike than all the rest. This ancient beast goes by many names long forgotten and unspoken by the tongues of men. He is known as Baha’i Faith, Yazidi, Angra Mainyu, Azazel, and Sammael. But more commonly this most high being is known today as the Devil, Satan, or Lucifer. He was created as the most high angel, second only to God in power. Yet with all his vastness... Read More

I Am Fire of Fire: The Ancient Church’s View on Demons

Every wisp of smoke and every creaking branch created images of creatures which dwelt in the dark.  Uttering some garbled ancient language long forgotten, these creatures did not just exist in the imagination of frightened young children pulling their covers to their eyes or in the paranoid and trepid man walking some dark and lonely path through the woods at night.  These demons were real. Despite our modern notions, which undoubtedly think the... Read More

Mark of the Beast: The Phantom 666 Barcode

While sitting on the sofa watching channel seven news, a report came on about advances in micro-chips. These chips were placed in the body and contain personal information, such as account numbers and contact information—all of which was easily accessible if the chip was implanted into the hand. A certain family member, whom I will not name, blurted out, “The end is near—that is the mark of the beast.” I couldn’t help but play with this... Read More

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