On Creating a Church that Lasts: Becoming a Generational Community

Rising and falling, church buildings and groups of followers have risen up dynamically in their time only to fall into decline and decay. It is a common story. And it is one which is told across this nation every day. Long ago the church had a vision—to create churches and church communities that lasted. They would be united as one, universal church that would stand the test of time. The Catholic Church. Catholic, or “universal,” Christianity... Read More

The Danger and Destruction of Denominationalism: The Much Needed Unity In and Intimacy with Christ

Image by Bartondamer Guest post by Ben Holden Roman Catholic · Anglican · Independent Catholic · Old Catholic, Lutheran · Calvinist · Anabaptist · Arminian · Baptist · Methodist · Adventist · Evangelical · Holiness · Pentecostal · Eastern Orthodox · Oriental Orthodox · Assyrian In any given town in America, the churches listed above often sit across the street from one another—humorously in some cases one on each corner of a busy... Read More

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