What If Jesus Walked Our Modern Streets, Rather Than in Antiquity?

Image by Taniwha The streets were flooded with countless faces, all contorted in pain and agony as they desperately pressed upon one another to just catch a glimpse of this prophet whom they had heard so much about. They had heard that the dead were raised, the sick were healed, the hungry were fed, and those possessed with evil spirits were set free. In desperation, they reached out clinging to his garments hoping that they might get just enough... Read More

God’s Eye View: Trust and Hope in the Bleak and Grim

“We are doomed. Death is guaranteed. There is no question.” These were the thoughts of a panic-stricken young man as he strained his eyes, looking into the distance. A great dust storm the likes of which he had never seen headed toward him and his family. This ominous cloud hung in the air like some sudden and evil storm. But this was no tempest. No meteorological event. The great cloud was the dust kicked up by thousands of horses and the hordes... Read More

It’s Not the Late-Night Pizza You Ate: Dreams and How God Speaks Through Them

Image by SuperPipo2010 Pressed perfectly against the wall with both hands spread and stretched, I was panicking—sweating and soaking the old dingy wallpaper covering this dark hallway. If I could become one with the wall and be absorbed into it, I would have by now for how closely I had clung to hallway. I could hear the faint creak of some movement just around the corner and a low panting along with it. Frozen in fear and doing all I could to... Read More

Street Preaching and Angry Screaming: Sharing Faith in the Public Space

Foaming at the mouth and screaming at the top of his lungs, I stood perplexed watching the otherwise normal appearing man condemn the masses around him to hell. This twenty-something man stood on his milk crate reading passages out of Revelation into a megaphone, crying warnings of the coming beast, the Apocalypse, and the impending doom for the unrepentant. All of the commotion and clamor came to a head when he began a fervent diatribe, screaming... Read More

A Jesus Like No Other: Restoring a Vandalized Portrait of Christ

Standing still with my head cranked backwards staring upward into the vast, seemingly endless pillars which meet the ceiling of the Notre Dame Cathedral, I stood in awe. Not just at the unbelievable architecture but at the massive paintings of Christ and other apostles and martyrs hanging on every wall, low and high. So many portraits cover the walls that one is bound to miss some. I was standing in this cathedral because of my professor. Myself and... Read More

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