“If you believe in God, what sort of evidence would it take to convince you that God did not exist?”

Creation of Adam by Michelangelo While talking Theology with my brother Nathan, he asked he this loaded question that a professor of his asked his class: “If you believe in God, what sort of evidence would it take to convince you that God did not exist?” Here was my response: “That blue is not blue, heat is not warm, light does not illuminate, and that no one is writing this response—aka, truth ceases to exist, as observed in reality.... Read More

Humanity’s New Best Friend: Television and the Loneliness of Suburban America

Image by Massimo Maggioni What within humanity is utterly inseparable from the human and the being? What is so basic, raw, and impossible to be without? While there may be many examples of “innate human characteristics”, one dominate element is sociability. The human condition is innately social. And while there are cases of people who pursue minimal human contact, some species of introversion no doubt, those devoid of all social interaction verge... Read More

How My Father Invented the Heavenly Father: The Dangerous (and Potentially Beautiful) Power Fathers Have Over Their Children

Image by Garry Cook Humans are creatures in relationship. Familiar images abound: the caressing mother caring for her young child, the strong father instructing his children on how to live rightly, the loving wife supporting her husband, the faithful and sacrificial husband, a brother, sister, son, daughter. On and on, hundreds of relationships exist in the human condition. In fact, our society is built around these relationships. They are the native... Read More

Caring for Creation: Reflections on Earth Day and Christian Environmentalism

  Image by SuperPipo2010 As christians who live in a culture that is becoming increasingly aware of the effect we have on our planet, it is important to take some time and reflect on where we stand on environmental issues. It’s no secret that the church has stood in opposition against environmentalism in the past. The issue has been overly politicized for so long that we almost assume that the church’s default position on issues such as climate... Read More

The Purpose of Biblical Creation: Separating the Wheat From the Chaff

Thousands of years after the first two chapters of the Bible were written, these passages are still very relevant to us today. With the advent of the Theory of Evolution, a great debate has been unyielding for over 150 years. Through discussion, debate, propaganda, board of education meetings, court cases, and news reports, both sides of this issue have been unrelenting. Recently, it seems that both sides are convinced of the imminent downfall of... Read More

The Wonder of the Mundane and Mysterious: Having the Heart of a Child in a Cynical World

Image by Domk There is something divine about children. As my daughter and I lay on the cool grass one hot summer afternoon years ago looking up at the sky, I realized this simple truth. We watched the clouds pass by in puffy clumps, forming and collecting together to make all sorts of interesting shapes. We saw dragons, ice-cream cones, and all sorts of images. She could lay on that grass for hours in awe of the incredible sky. She would look around... Read More

Complexity and the Cosmic Symphony

Image by Forest Wander I’ve never understood the war between science and religion. Two of the things that I am most passionate about in this life is science and my faith. Not only do I see no dissonance between the two, I see perfect synergy. Science has helped shape the way that I view God and my faith has helped shape the way that I view the universe. We have an amazing opportunity to understand more about God by understanding more about... Read More

A Soiled Heart: A Theology of Growth and Going Green

Image by Charlie Ambler We are dirt. We are, at our very core, that which lies underneath our feet. God reached down and scooped a clod of soil from the earth and formed his creation. And he called it “Adam.” Literally this name, deriving from the word adamah, means ground or earth. This is what we are. Soil. Earth. Dirt. It is what we were made from and what we will return to. This earth, as well as our very bodies, was animated by his breath.... Read More

I Don’t Exist: The Existence of God and Nothingness

In a swirl of darkness and nothingness, It existed. Time itself, space, and all universal laws were absent. Even to conceive of such an existence is impossible. Our very words to describe nothingness in itself is a description of things. NO THING. Aristotle defined nothing as that which rocks dream of. And in that place, in which no space exists, and in that time, in which there was no time. He. It. God existed. Exists. Will Exist. For in that place.... Read More

No Intellectual Boot-Straps Allowed: The Problem of Intellect and Stephen Hawking

Propelled through time and space, eons upon eons of centuries past, we gaze into the infinite unknown. Past comets, proto-planets, and clusters of distant stars, this inconceivability large universe—with all of its’ energy and matter—suddenly emerged with a big bang. God had nothing to do with it. At least this is what Stephen Hawking would have us believe. The internet was lit aflame by news of Hawking’s claim that God is not needed to explain... Read More

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