The Anatomy of the Body of Christ: Realizing Our Identity and Unity Through the Spirit

Vast and complex, the entire body is interconnected. It functions as one whole unit, though the depths of diversity and distance between cells, organs, and various bodily functions is great. And while every cell works together toward the one great goal and objective of the living organism that it is part of, it also functions with little to no “awareness” of other cells doing similar or quite different functions. I am no biologist or... Read More

Street Preaching and Angry Screaming: Sharing Faith in the Public Space

Foaming at the mouth and screaming at the top of his lungs, I stood perplexed watching the otherwise normal appearing man condemn the masses around him to hell. This twenty-something man stood on his milk crate reading passages out of Revelation into a megaphone, crying warnings of the coming beast, the Apocalypse, and the impending doom for the unrepentant. All of the commotion and clamor came to a head when he began a fervent diatribe, screaming... Read More

Bread and Fish: Providing for the Needs in our Communities

There is an overwhelming amount of physical needs in our cities. There are thousands of hungry, homeless, and cold people. One can’t drive down the street without seeing some sign of suffering. A foreclosed sign on a house. A hunched over old man attempting to sell Sunday’s paper for a few much-needed bucks. Or the lady that hugs herself tightly in attempt to keep herself warm, huddled in a corner of some building on a rainy day. The needs outweigh... Read More

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