Are You too Busy For Christ? Practical Steps in Redeeming Lost Time

Image by Invisible kid Traffic jammed, our lives are filled and busy. We rarely stop. We are constantly on the move. And most leave little to no time in their cluttered, drive-thru, fast food-spiritual lives. Very few read the scripture regularly or even carve out some time in their busy schedules to pray and have communion with our savior. And while the most healthy thing would be for people to get out of bed an hour earlier than when they otherwise... Read More

The Perils of Prayer in a Technologized World

Chirps of playful birds, the tweaks and cracks of trees in the woods, and the babbling of streams filled the landscape. Sitting down for prayer in what would otherwise be a peaceful natural landscape surrounded by the wild emptiness of the forest, I found myself mute. Surrounded by peaceful sounds and free from the distractions of the modern life, I found myself distracted. I wished that I had my Ipod. I could barely stand the silence. Every time... Read More

Playing Dumb: God’s Desire for Meaningful Communion

God is omniscient. He has complete and perfect knowledge of all things, including the past, present, future, and everything actual and potential. This isn’t my definition but one that has been developed for centuries by countless theologians and thinkers in an attempt to characterize and understand the vastness of God as found in the scriptures. Everything that is possible to know throughout all time is perfectly known by God. He knows the depths... Read More

Nothing says Jesus Died for You like a Juicy Cheeseburger: Communion, Symbolism, and Literalism

“Eat this in remembrance of me.” With these famous words, Christ ushered into centuries of confusion and debate over the meaning of his cryptic words. Was the bread truly his flesh? Was the wine truly his blood? Much ink, and even much blood, has been spilled over Christ’s claim. The Catholic Church has maintained that Christ spoke literally, claiming that the bread truly is Christ’s flesh in essence. This doctrine, often referred to as transubstantiation,... Read More

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