The Perils of Prayer in a Technologized World

Chirps of playful birds, the tweaks and cracks of trees in the woods, and the babbling of streams filled the landscape. Sitting down for prayer in what would otherwise be a peaceful natural landscape surrounded by the wild emptiness of the forest, I found myself mute. Surrounded by peaceful sounds and free from the distractions of the modern life, I found myself distracted. I wished that I had my Ipod. I could barely stand the silence. Every time... Read More

Ancient Skyscrapers: Language, Cooperation, and Rebellion

  Humanity has an innate desire to build. To construct a world and society in its own image. We long to come together united and make a name for ourselves. This is an ancient desire. One can look at the massive constructions built throughout the world and clearly see humanity’s desire to create. From the awe-inspiring Pyramids of Egypt to the massive Great Wall of China, the earth is littered with ancient attempts at creating their own world. We... Read More

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