Why You Are Already Perfect and Already have Everything—You Just Don’t Realize It Yet

Image by especially_today Many have a deep nostalgia and strong emotion toward Christmas. As children, we laid wrestling in bed, eager to creep down the stairs on Christmas morning to see what beautifully wrapped bundles and boxes lay beneath that glorious tree. The overwhelming excitement and joy can scarcely be described, bubbling and pressing itself up through the chest and into the throat. Such excitement was felt in every inch of the body. On... Read More

Cars, Clothes, and Careers Do Not Define You. But What Does?

Image by Juan Tome Nestal Who are you? Who am I? When we introduce ourselves to others, a condensed and abridged version of who we actually are is presented. Our families, careers, preferences of entertainment, and political leanings are presented in the simplest of “small-talk.” Married with a child, teacher, and avid coffee fan scarcely scratches the surface of who I actually am. Unfortunately many do not plumb the depths of their soul and mind... Read More

That kid in the feeding trough is not just some baby: Rethinking the divinity of Infant Jesus and our approach to Him on Christmas

To us a child is born. But no ordinary child. God, the eternal being from beyond time and space, the infinite beyond infinity, chose to take flesh and become one of us. This is the Christmas story. This is the cute, bundled baby laying in the feeding trough of some dank dark cave surrounded by animals and their foul smells. The glory of the Christmas story is easy to overlook. Having grown-up in the church and having heard the story a million times,... Read More

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