How to Break the Cookie-Cutter, Carbon Copy Christian Cycle

Image by Novaliee Mechanized. An assemblage of parts constructing carbon copy images of the same person over and over again. While Ford was the progenitor of the assembly line, Christian culture has become it’s own master of mass production. The assembly line creating mass quantities of goods has one irrefutable quality—unless faulty, the product is exactly the same. Carbon copies of each other is the goal. The “different” or “inconsistent”... Read More

Morality-Policing and Bible-Thumping: Christian Culture—the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Image by Jonathan Percy But one curious exchange between a fellow teacher and a student stood out above all the rest. This teacher, a Christian (perhaps “frumpy” by nature or because of churching), saw a student dressed in brown and white sheets in toga-like fashion around his body with a hole cut out through which he put his head. “Oh!”, she exclaimed, “what are you!? A disciple!?” “No,” the student awkwardly replied. “I am a Roman.” What... Read More

Why Local Church Doors are Closing: We Are Doing Too Much and Need to Do Something Different

Image by Rusty Parks I would wake up in the morning thinking about the day before and dreading my day to come. I didn’t want to meet people. I didn’t want to teach anymore, or give advice. I didn’t want to answer questions. I didn’t even want to spend time with God. I just wanted to sleep; sleep or watch television. I was done. After preaching, this is often how I would feel. My wife probably knows my patterns like clockwork now. It... Read More

Why Becoming Holy is Not Through Trying Harder: Thoughts on Sanctification and Self-Examination

  Image by Davide Musardo If we can be honest and look at the condition of the Christian Church in the world, and especially in the U.S., I think that we would all be disappointed in the way that we live out our lives on a daily basis. This is a point often brought up to contest the validity of our faith because Christianity as a system of moral living has failed. This is not a trivial point. As a religion that puts so much stake in right living,... Read More

The Forgotten Calling: Are there Apostles in the Modern Church?

Image by Mathieu Sent out in force and in great power, the disciples of Christ were given some radical instructions. And along with those instructions, remarkable authority was given to them. All the authority and power of Christ was poured out on them. Indeed, Christ even made the outlandish claim that we would do even greater things than He. Christ boldly sent them out to preach the gospel throughout the region. Among the commands, he instructed... Read More

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