When Prayer Becomes a Joke and Protestants Go Too Far: Restoring Reverence and Awe in the Everyday

The way in which we approach God demonstrates what we think of God. Some see him as a loving Father, a terrible tyrant, an awe-striking omnipotent being, or a homie to giggle and laugh with. And while at times God does seem like these qualities, he is not one of these things to the exclusion of the others. Considering myself neither Protestant nor Catholic (nor Evangelical, Orthodox, or any other such label) has placed me in an interesting and insightful... Read More

On Creating a Church that Lasts: Becoming a Generational Community

Rising and falling, church buildings and groups of followers have risen up dynamically in their time only to fall into decline and decay. It is a common story. And it is one which is told across this nation every day. Long ago the church had a vision—to create churches and church communities that lasted. They would be united as one, universal church that would stand the test of time. The Catholic Church. Catholic, or “universal,” Christianity... Read More

Nothing says Jesus Died for You like a Juicy Cheeseburger: Communion, Symbolism, and Literalism

“Eat this in remembrance of me.” With these famous words, Christ ushered into centuries of confusion and debate over the meaning of his cryptic words. Was the bread truly his flesh? Was the wine truly his blood? Much ink, and even much blood, has been spilled over Christ’s claim. The Catholic Church has maintained that Christ spoke literally, claiming that the bread truly is Christ’s flesh in essence. This doctrine, often referred to as transubstantiation,... Read More

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